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            Solar DawnSolar DawnSolar Dawn

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            Solar Dawn

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            Solar Dawn

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            Solar Dawn

            The Solar Dawn Project is no longer proceeding. This site is for historical purposes only.

            The Solar Dawn Consortium has today confirmed that although it remains committed to Australia’s large-scale concentrated solar power industry (CSP), it will no longer be pursuing development of its proposed 250MW solar thermal power facility in South-West Queensland.

            The announcement follows extensive discussions with the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) on options to move the project forward in response to dynamic market conditions.

            “With ARENA soon to embark on a range of new initiatives, we look forward to sharing our experience and working with ARENA to help build Australia’s clean energy future,” stated Consortium spokesperson Anthony Wiseman.

            For more information, please contact enquiries@


            What Was Solar Dawn?

            Solar Dawn was a proposed 250 megawatt solar thermal power plant that was to be built near Chinchilla in South West Queensland by a consortium including AREVA Solar and Wind Prospect CWP.

            The proposed project was part of the Australian Government’s Solar Flagships Program, which aimed to provide the foundation for large-scale, grid-connected solar power and to accelerate the commercialisation of solar power in Australia. It was a key component of the Australian Government’s $5 billion Clean Energy Initiative.

            Once completed, Solar Dawn website here would have been one of the largest of its kind and one of the most environmentally responsible power production plants in the world.

            But, unfortunately the project was no able to proceed.

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            Australian Solar Council: http://solar.org.au/



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